3R is committed to creating genuine partnerships with businesses from inception to implementation. A full business spectrum is deployed, from engineering to brand, product, business strategy and operations experience. Your Partner to 3R is committed to creating genuine partnerships with businesses from inception to implementation. A full business spectrum is deployed, from brand development, product, business strategy and operations experience. Our Approach

We provide the "ROCKET FUEL" for your business.

3R is a company founded by passionate Entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to succeed in an ever-changing business world. We look to grow and develop both ‘business start ups’ as well as ‘ongoing business concerns’ by assisting them in maximising their business opportunities and operations.

3R’s approach is not to merely consult and provide strategies but includes the execution and ongoing management of these strategic objectives and outcomes.

The services we offer include:

Administrative Services

Operational set up
Business entity creation and registration
Bank account set up & management
Accounting & Regulatory responsibility
Reporting functions

Consulting Services

Strategy for brand and product positioning
Revenue development
Operational outsources services
Process, systems, technology and implementation
Establishing, structuring and restructuring businesses

Marketing Services

Digital Asset Development
Logo and packaging design and development
Email Signatures
Social Media set-up and management
Website / E-Commerce front-end and back-end development

Partnership Opportunities

Finding Partners
Finding channels for distribution
Capital raising & Financial parnerships
Product sourcing & development

The Need

We are passionate about the finding amazing businesses, brands and products and injecting our knowledge and know-how to help them succeed. We thrive on growing and developing companies and, most of all, we enjoy connecting with humans to improve their lives through new products, services and experiences.

The Opportunity

We understand there is a massive gap in between investors and your company. The role that 3R and each Rocketeer plays is to plug that hole with years of experience and deeply skilled teams to inject wisdom, know-how and strategies into a great business idea and ignite the business potential to fuel revenue and brand growth. 3R plays the role of the big brother every business needs, the “I’ve been there before” role and we have your back.

The Execution

We analyze, dissect, strategize, and execute business acumen to accomplish major milestones and make giant leaps forward for our clients in the form of brand growth and operational excellence, which ultimately leads to revenue growth and profitability. We define success as having the most amount of fun possible while enriching the lives of our consumer, our clients and our partners, through meaningful experiences.
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We offer assistance to most businesses but have specific knowledge and experience in the following sectors:

  • Fintech
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Technology
  • Finance

Based on our local access to both USA and SA markets, we are able to offer tailor made solutions to companies who wish to expand on either side of these markets.