About Us


Launching your business

3R evaluates key elements of your business to create and implement strategies by understanding the business’s individual financial, operational and brand requirements, as well as how to build and grow revenue.

3R takes a holistic approach to business evaluation, which it achieves by leveraging data that deeply examines each business’s market and consumer behaviour. This data enables 3R to formulate strategies and to execute against these strategies, to quickly grow businesses, target consumers for scale, as well as leverage a business’s strengths, reduce costs and maximize profits.

Through the alignment of critical elements of any business, 3R attains excellence in execution in that specific business. 3R’s approach is not to merely consult and provide strategies, but includes the execution and ongoing management of these strategic objectives and outcomes.

3R’s offerings extend to creating digital strategies, building the business brand and operating the business end-to-end.

3R marries products to businesses that are interested in the product, through its vast network and access to brokers, products and buyers.

The Rocketeers

3R’s founders have been involved with some of the largest retailers in the world and have in-depth knowledge around moving products to customers in a diverse set of markets and industries. The Rocketeers’ combined experience, expertise and passion ensures the businesses they work alongside are able to excel in their market spaces.

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