Why 3R


3R is a company founded by passionate Entrepreneurs who have lead some of the largest companies in the world and built companies from the ground up. We understand what it takes to succeed - the sweat equity and the highs and lows of growing in an ever-changing business world. We are passionate about the finding amazing businesses, brands and products and injecting our knowledge and know-how to help them succeed. We thrive on growing and developing companies and, most of all, we enjoy connecting with humans to improve their lives through new products, services and experiences.


We understand there is a massive gap in between investors and your company. The role that 3R and each Rocketeer plays is to plug that hole with years of experience and deeply skilled teams to inject wisdom, know-how and strategies into a great business idea and ignite the business potential to fuel revenue and brand growth. 3R plays the role of the big brother every business needs, the “I’ve been there before” role and we have your back.


We analyze, dissect, strategize, and execute business acumen to accomplish major milestones and make giant leaps forward for our clients in the form of brand growth and operational excellence, which ultimately leads to revenue growth and profitability. We define success as having the most amount of fun possible while enriching the lives of our consumer, our clients and our partners, through meaningful experiences.

The Business Objectives

Operational Elements

3R can launch any start-up or business by guiding and overseeing product engineering and product development. 3R offers end-to-end management of online solutions, including logistics, 3PL and accounting systems.

Branding and Online Execution

3R designs word-class digital assets, ranging from websites to social media and advertising campaigns. These digital assets are the launch pads that define exactly what a brand encompasses. 3R then executes against go-to-market strategies that create perpetual top-line revenue generation.

Funding and Financing

3R implements revenue engagement for start-ups or business expansion. 3R sources private equity, venture capital or crowd funding. 3R marries or matches financiers to start-ups and vice versa.

The Vision

3R specializes in both online channels and traditional channels, rooted in a deep understanding of both mechanisms to market. 3R's strategy is based on extensive research and many years of ‘Rocketeer’ experience in understanding the consumer mindset.

The Rocket Fuel

Capturing, evaluating, leveraging and monetizing data through the use of innovative and first-to-market technologies is what ‘fuels’ the 3R engines. This data, when captured and correctly extracted, is a formidable tool in understanding business performance, consumer behaviour and market trends.

The Partnership

3R differentiates itself by taking risk alongside the businesses it partners with. It commits directly to the success of these businesses. 3R understands the costs, intricacies and complexities involved in launching brands and market offerings and knows this is integral to any successful venture.